Aorus Gtx 1080


Aorus Gtx 1080

Aorus Gtx 1080

Graphics Cards Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 Gaming Box gv-n1080ixeb-8gd


Mark  Gigabyte

Graphics Coprocessor     NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080

Chipset Brand  NVIDIA

Graphics RAM Type  DDR5 SDRAM

RAM graphics size 8 GB


Embedded GeForce GTX 1080 enables intensive gaming and VR experience

Plug and Play Thunderbolt 3

Easy to carry with portable size

Supports fast charge (QC 3.0) and power delivery (PD 3.0)

Supports 3 x USB 3.0 for peripheral devices


What’s in the box?




Aorus GTX 1080 – Game Box

Convert your Ultrabook to the gaming rig! !

With integrated Geforc E GTX 1080 graphics card

Equipped with the GIGABYTE Geforce GTX 1080 graphics card, Aorus GTX 1080 Gaming Box turns the ultrabook laptop into a gaming rig, delivering the amazing performance for graphics-ready and VR-ready games. And with extensive Gigabyte overclocking and thermal technology, you can enjoy high performance in a quiet environment.



Embedded Geforce GTX 1080 enables graphically heavy gaming and virtual reality experience

Thunderbolt 3 Plug and Play

Easy to carry with portable size.

Supports fast charge (QC 3.0) and power delivery (PD 3.0).

Supports 3 USB 3.0 for peripheral devices.

RGB fusion – 16.7M customizable color lighting

Fit for Aorus.

With a compact and stylish design, the Aorus GTX 1080 Gaming Box is not only suitable for any desktop, but also easy to carry.



AORUS GTX 1080 Gaming Box connects to laptop via Thunderbolt3. It provides the speed of up to 40Gbps and offers 100W to charge the laptop.


For power charging, the laptop needs to support PD 3.0.


Video output

Aorus GTX 1080 game box provides 1 HDMI, 3x DP and 1 DVI-D DL for external monitor outputs, which you can enjoy multi-view.


Video output: HDMI x 1, DP x 3, DVI-D x1.


3 USB 3.0.

Aorus GTX 1080 Gaming Box provides 3 USB ports to connect a mouse, keyboard, headset, USB storage, or any other USB device. Or, connect a ‘USB to Ethernet LAN Adapter’ to use the wired network.


Quick Charge 3.0 USB

Fast charging provides 4 times faster than conventional charging.


The device needs to support QC 3.0.


This port is for power charging only.


Thunderbolttm 3 Create the possibility

ThunderboltTM 3 provides speeds of up to 40 Gbps, offering the fastest connection to any dock, any display, or data device. Create many more possibilities in a compact port.


More speed -40Gbps

More 100W charging power.

More possibilities

PCI Express

Super Speed USB


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