Sapphire Radeon R7 350


Sapphire Radeon R7 350

Sapphire Radeon R7 350

SAPPHIRE Radeon R7 350 2GB DDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 CrossFireX Support ATX Video Card 100385L


2GB 128-Bit DDR5

Core Clock 925 MHz

1 x DVI-D 1 x HDMI

512 Stream Processors

PCI Express 3.0 x16


Dominate, warts and all. The SAPPHIRE Radeon R7 350 Video Card is built on the highly acclaimed AMD 28 nm GCN architecture, with high graphics performance to power consumption ratio. It is capable of rendering popular online games at high settings with visual realism that doesn’t sacrifice performance. And no tearing or stuttering. Coupled with support for DirectX 12 and OpenGL 4.5, it gives you everything you need to enjoy games today and tomorrow.


More graphics, less power. The AMD CrossFire technology harnesses the power of multiple GPUs for extreme, high definition gaming and 3D image quality. With AMD ZeroCore Power & PowerTune technologies, you can optimize the balance between performance and power consumption of your system by adjusting the engine clock during runtime of the card.


The powerful single fan design effectively keeps the card cool, ensuring maximum reliability.


DirectX 12 Support


DirectX 12 is a new, “console-like” graphics API from Microsoft that empowers game developers with more direct and obvious control of PC hardware. This direct or “explicit” control better exposes the hardware resources of AMD Radeon GPUs to yield higher hardware throughput and, ultimately, more performance for users. To put it simply: much more efficient hardware through smarter software! At the discretion of a game developer, this superior efficiency can be spent on higher framerates, lower latency (VR), lower power consumption, better image quality, or some calculated balance of all four. In any scenario, gamers stand to benefit greatly from choosing AMD hardware to run their favorite DirectX 12 game.


Microsoft Windows 10 Support

SAPPHIRE Radeon R7 350 Video Card is designed to deliver all the benefits of Microsoft Windows 10 OS and bring new computing experiences to life.


AMD Crossfire


Harness the power of multiple GPUs

AMD CrossFire technology is the ultimate multi-GPU performance gaming platform. Unlocking game-dominating power, AMD CrossFire harnesses the power of two or more discrete graphics cards working in parallel to dramatically improve gaming performance. AMD CrossFire technology ready graphics cards fit practically every budget. With the flexibility to combine two, three or four GPUs, AMD CrossFire technology is the perfect solution for those who demand extreme performance.


AMD PowerTune Technology

Intelligently monitors and manages the power draw of your AMD Radeon GPU to enable higher clock speeds, which provides improved performance.


Key Benefits:

Offers built in GPU power sensing for improved headroom and performance based on thermal requirements of system.

Adjusts GPU power based on application performance, giving you the performance you require for light 3D/Video applications, and maximizes performance in 3D Gaming and compute applications.


AMD ZeroCore Power Technology

Allows your AMD Radeon GPU to consume virtually no power when in idle state. It also controls additional GPUs in AMD CrossFire technology mode to consume less when it is not in use.


Key Benefits:

Greater idle power reduction shutting down the GPU.

Core GPU functional blocks consume 0W while the rest of the PC remains in long idle state.


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